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KLINIK PERGIGIAN JDT DENTAL was established in April 2022. Our founder Dr. Kaushalya is an expert dentist with over 8 years of experience. After graduating from Oxford University, she served as a dental officer in the Malaysian Ministry of Health for 5 years before venturing into opening her own private clinic in 2022. She is a lifelong learner as she constantly attends courses and classes to sharpen her skillset.
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Andrew WasTaken
"I got my braces here. The process was excellent, the staff is friendly, and the doctor is professional. The procedure went smoothly. The doctor always explains the procedure before I receive my treatment. This dental clinic was recommended by my friend, and I would recommend it too."
Christian Hingpit
"It's my first time on my braces journey, and Dr. Kaushalya is very passionate, informative, and has a gentle touch. She even explains all of the dental procedures. All of my visits have been very pleasant. The staff is very friendly, and the clinic is tidy. The overall service is first-class, I must say it's 5-star."
Khushi K
"We came to JDT Dental for my mother's dentures, which were recommended by our friend Mohan. Thanks to him and Dr. Kaushalya and her team for their excellent care given to my mom. After four follow-up check-ups, she received her dentures today, and she seems very happy that they fit well and are comfortable. Dr. Kaushalya is the best dentist in Johor 😉."
Kabillan Kumar
"This is definitely the best dental care I have ever experienced! Dr. Kaushalya and the team were very professional in examining and providing solutions. I had to undergo an operculectomy procedure, and it was a smooth experience. This is one of the only places in Johor Bahru that is highly recommended and takes very good care of you. I will surely be coming here for all my future dental needs! Thanks, JDT Dental ❤️."
Ainilnajwa_ 99
"I got my braces treatment yesterday at JDT Dental, and all went well with very smooth progress. I highly recommend this clinic. Thanks to all the doctors and staff for the excellent services ❤️."
Kannan Ramasamy
"I received really great service from the staff and Dr. Kaushalya! All of my visits have been very pleasant, and everyone is very friendly. Overall, it has been a really pleasant experience, and if I could give them more than 5 stars, I would! Keep up the great work everyone!"
Ester respeto
"The staff and doctor at this clinic are very accommodating, considerate, and sweet. The fees charged here are very affordable, and overall, I'm very satisfied with the services and their prices. Thanks so much!"
Paveena Vichit
"The service at this clinic was excellent. The doctor and staff were so friendly and handled everything in a gentle manner. I highly recommend them."
Hazel Licious
"This is the best dental clinic in Johor! I had a toothache for three days straight and called so many clinics, but they were all closed. Then I came across this clinic near my house and called them to check, and although they were fully booked for the day, they managed to squeeze me in without an appointment. I tell you, this is the best day I've ever had! I will definitely come back. You all are the best!"
Darshieny Nada
"I got my fillings done at this clinic. Dr. Kaushalya is very professional and has a gentle touch. Not only was the procedure painless, but she was also very informative. The staff were very friendly and soft-spoken too. I highly recommend this clinic."
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